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Stephen Zabrecky

Stephen has a background in technology having earned his Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering from Purdue University. Photography has always been one of his passions as all of his travels, family events, and hobbies have been seen through the viewfinder of a camera. 

He created Clear Angle Photographers to extend his talents to Commercial Photography. 

Click here to view is his personal collection of images where he loves to show how everyday people, places and things can look incredible. 

Shannon Boone

A dedicated artist for all of her life, Shannon expresses herself through many mediums. She is Originally a classical pianist with a Bachelors in performance from sam Houston state university.

"There is so much gratification to be had with any art form: the emotions i feel from a composer's music; the adrenaline from mastering a dance; the looks i get when wearing one of my creative costumes; the awe from a crowd in any performance. I love Photography because the performer is not the center of attention. The focus is on you. I'm only here to make you look your best; so when you view your images, you can re-live the emotion, the adrenaline and the awe that you experienced in that special moment."

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